CAN-IB600/PCIe (1-2 x CAN FD / CAN)

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Mã sản phẩm: 1.01.0233.12010

Thương hiệu: HMS

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Active CAN FD Interface for PCI Express

1-2 x CAN FD, CAN (High-Speed), CAN (Low-Speed)

With the CAN-IB600/PCIe HMS offers a CAN FD interface based on a modern and highly modular architecture concept. The interface is available with up to two CAN channels. Each CAN channel can send and receive either CAN FD or CAN 2.0A/B messages. Using the optional expansion modules, the entire range of fieldbuses can be covered with one card – from CAN-FD (ISO as well as non-ISO format), CAN (ISO 11898-2), fault tolerant CAN (ISO 11898-3) to LIN.


  • Active board with 32 bit microcontroller
  • Up to two CAN channels (High-Speed CAN or CAN FD)
  • Galvanic isolation of the CAN interface
  • Common driver interface support all IXXAT CAN and CAN FD interfaces and allow easy change of the PC interface type
  • Powerful programming interface for Windows "VCI" and "ECI" for Linux, QNX, RTX, INtime and VxWorks

The CAN-IB600/PCIe is an active interface which fulfills even high reqirements in data pre-processing, like intelligent data handling and active filtering of the received and transmitted messages.

If required, the number of CAN channels can be increased by using multiple CAN interfaces in one PC. 


PC bus interface PCI express (V1.1)
PC address range Plug & Play
Interrupts Plug & Play
Microcontroller 32 bit microcontroller
CAN interface 1 or 2 CAN channels; CAN FD or CAN 2.0 A/B; Sub-D9 plugs according to CiA 303-1, galvanic isolation (1 kV, 1 sec.)
Power supply 3.3 V DC, 400 mA typ.
Temperature range 0 ºC ... +70 ºC
Certification  CE, FCC
Size Approx. 65 x 105 mm, available as standard version (low-profile version on request)

Order number

Order numbers Optional expansions
1 X 1.01.0233.12010 1 x Fieldbus Expansion 
For variants and order numbers see table below
2 X 1.01.0233.22010 1-2 x Fieldbus Expansion 
For variants and order numbers see table below


Fieldbus Expansions

Type Galv. iso. Order numbers
CAN Low-Speed (ISO 11898-3)  X 1.01.0241.20001
LIN (ISO 9141), V Bat 8-48 V DC extern X 1.01.0241.20014
CAN Low-Speed (ISO 11898-3) + LIN (ISO 9141) X 1.01.0241.20100



Fieldbus Expansion

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