J1939 DBC File - PGN & SPN Data [2020-03]

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J1939 DBC File - PGN & SPN Data [2020-03]

The SAE J1939 DBC file contains conversion rules for scaling raw J1939 data to human-readable form (km/h, %, degC, ...).

DBC is the standard CAN database file format used in most CAN tools - incl. our CAN logger software/APIs.

This download includes a legal J1939 DBC file & license, based on the J1939 Digital Annex (priced at 250$). We offer the J1939 DBC as part of a re-sale partnership with SAE.


J1939 Data Truck Heavy Duty


Quickly convert J1939 data with broad DBC software support

J1939 PGNs SPNs Included in DBC

1000+ PGNs

The extensive DBC contains 1,000+ PGNs and 6,400+ SPNs

J1939 PGN Table Check SPN Excel XLSX


Use the Google Sheet to check if your PGNs are covered

J1939 DBC Crowd Contribution Commit Open Source


Benefit from free corrections based on large user base

Save Time J1939 Database CAN


Avoid manually constructing a J1939 DBC from scratch

J1939 Digital Annex Buy DBC


Includes legal license similar to the J1939 Digital Annex (price: 250$)


What is a J1939 DBC file?

A *.DBC file is a standardized method for storing the “rules” on how to interpret raw CAN bus data. In particular, it contains details on what ‘signals’ (e.g. RPM, Vehicle Speed, …) are contained within which ‘messages’ (i.e. CAN IDs).

In the J1939 standard, messages are referred to as Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs) and signals as Suspect Parameter Numbers (SPNs).

Further, a DBC file includes names, descriptions, positions and lengths of the signals - as well as how to offset & scale them. In short, the J1939 DBC file is key to decoding your data.


J1939 PGN SPN Message DBC Truck Heavy Duty


J1939 DBC Digital Annex 2020 DBC Bundle

This J1939 DBC file bundle includes:

  • An SAE J1939 DBC file with ~1060 PGNs and ~6400 SPNs
  • Excel file with full SPN descriptions from the J1939 DA
  • One legal license (1 user, 1 PC) matching the J1939 Digital Annex license (stand-alone price: 250$)

CSS Electronics acts as a re-seller for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for the J1939 database file. Terms include the SAE terms related to purchase



What PGNs are in the DBC?

If you have a list of CAN IDs from a J1939-based vehicle, you can paste them in our 'CAN ID to J1939 PGN converter':

  • Convert raw CAN IDs to J1939 PGNs
  • Check if the PGNs are in the J1939 DBC
  • Convert J1939 PGNs to raw CAN ID

See also our FAQ for details on PGN vs. SPN coverage.

open converter

J1939 PGN Converter


asammdf software GUI API J1939 DBC Conversion

Try sample J1939 data & DBC

Below you’ll find a J1939 data log from a truck recorded with the CANedge2. The sample also contains a demo J1939 DBC with EngineSpeed + WheelBasedVehicleSpeed.

You can load the raw data & DBC in the free asammdf GUI, decode it to human-readable form and plot it.


Standard(s) J1939 Digital Annex (2020-03) - corresponds mainly to J1939-71
#PGNs ~1060
#SPNS ~6400
Multipacket Multipacket syntax is used for the multipacket PGNs included in the DBC
Multiplex Some multiplexed messages are included, but with "regular" syntax (not multiplex)
Descriptions Partial SPN descriptions included in DBC (full included in Digital Annex)
Attributes SPN ID, VFrameFormat
Value tables Only partially included

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