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What Is the Difference Between the Free and the Paid Version? The Talk2M Free+ enables only one user to connect to one Ewon modem. If another user wants to connect to...
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What Is the Difference Between the Free and the Paid Version?

The Talk2M Free+ enables only one user to connect to one Ewon modem. If another user wants to connect to the same modem, the first user has to disconnect first. Of course you can create multiple Talk2M accounts and assign one Ewon modem to each of them. One user will then be able to connect to one Ewon on one of the Talk2M accounts, while another user will be able to connect to another Ewon on a different Talk2M account. However, these two users will never be able to connect to the same Ewon modem at the same time.

  • Talk2M Free+ = Enables several users to sign in to the Talk2M simultaneously. However, only one user can be connected to an Ewon modem at a given time. This means that if you have 5 Ewon modems associated with your Talk2M account, you can connect to only one of them at a particular time.
  • Talk2M Pro = Allows multiple users who are logged in to the same Talk2M account connect to the same Ewon modem or different modems (This is the paid Talk2M version.


Talk2M Free+

Talk2M Pro


Free of charge

Annual fee

Number of Ewon modems and users supported



Number of M2WEB connections



Number of concurrent eCatcher connections



Talk2M access control



Data usage per month

3 GB

9 GB+

SMS (e.g. Modem Wake-Up / Alarming)



Guarantee of service (SLA)




Up to 500,000 records/month

Up to 3,000,000 records/month


The Talk2M Pro plan covers the needs of the most typical applications for machine builders, system integrators and OEMs. Nevertheless, if for some reasons you need additional concurrent connections, data traffic or SMS messages, you can order an additional yearly fee package that includes 1 additional concurrent connection with 2 GB data traffic (Part Number: TM50042).

Most companies find the free Talk2M Free+ version sufficient, as they have a couple of technicians who know which of them is currently logged in to the Talk2M. Nevertheless, there are also companies that have different requirements. Here is an example:

You are a company that manufactures bottle production lines and sells them all over the world. In each of the countries where you are present, you have a partner company that sells and maintains your machines. As the manufacturer, you want to be able to remotely access your machines. Your distributors also need remote access to the machines that they have sold. Therefore, you need a solution that enables you to:

  • Remotely connect to any of your production lines across the globe
  • Provide your distributors with remote access to Ewon modems in their countries
  • Connect to an Ewon modem (PLC), with an expert abroad being connected to the same modem and a Distributor being present at the machine on the shop floor
  • Add or remove modems for your distributors
  • Define Ewon modem access rights for your distributors (e.g. The distributor cannot configure the modem, delete it from the list of modems or change the modem's description. They can only use the modem to connect to a PLC.)
  • Assign modems to particular distributors. For example, your US distributor manages 20 modems in the US, while your distributor in France is in charge of 6 modems in France. Neither of them can see the other's modems.

All the situations above are covered by the Talk2M Pro version.


Main Talk2M Pro Features

  • A remote access system offering 99.6% guarantee of service (max. 4 hours of downtime / year)
  • Communication via secure VPN tunnels between the user and the modem. The same kind of security is implemented by banks for internet banking, financial institutions for transactions and online shops for credit card payments.
  • Multi-user/multi-modem connection – multiple users can connect to multiple Ewon modems at the same time / multiple users can connect to the same modem at the same time
  • Like the Talk2M Free+, the Pro version allows you to connect Ewon modems to the Talk2M via ADSL, LAN, GPRS, EDGE or 3G.

Talk2M Hosting

Talk2M Free+ and Talk2M Pro servers are hosted by the company Rackspace. Being one of the top players worldwide, it offers hosting services to all kinds of customers. Rackspace was established in 1998. Based in Texas, it has over 70,000 customers, 25 data centres all over the world and 2,600 servers. Its services come with a guarantee on 100% service availability and replacement of defective hardware within 1 hour.

  • SAS 70 audit – it represents that a service organisation has been through an in-depth, third-party audit of its control objectives and control activities and that it is competent to provide comprehensive, non-stop monitoring and security management as well as to troubleshoot problems of its customers, specifically large enterprises
  • 2009 FORTUNE® – 100 Best Companies to Work For®
  • 2008 FORTUNE® – 100 Best Companies to Work For®
  • Microsoft Hosting Provider of the Year 2007, 2005, 2003
  • 2007 Best Customer Service Organisation
  • Top 50 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America
  • Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award for 2005
  • 2005 Microsoft Hosting Provider of the Year
  • 2005 SQL Server Magazine Readers' Choice
  • 2005 Best Customer Service Organisation
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500
  • Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award for 2004
  • SQL Server Magazine Readers' Choice
  • Etc.

Talk2M servers provide only connectivity between Ewon modems and users. This means that we are talking about connectivity hosting here, not data hosting. These servers do not store any of the data transferred between Ewon modems and users.

Talk2M Pro Pricing

The Talk2M Pro is a paid Ewon modem remote access service. The annual Talk2M Pro fee that you pay depends on:

  • The number of users that will remotely connect to Ewon modems at the same time – the so-called concurrent connections (there is no limit to the number of users)
  • Additional charges for exceeding the data usage limit, etc.

Every customer has their own Talk2M Pro contract with the company Ewon, with the annual fee in accordance with their requirements. The contract is valid for one year. The Talk2M service is paid in monthly instalments. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote.

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